1934 Caterpillar Seventy

The Caterpillar 70 was the largest gasoline tractor built by Caterpillar.  Diesel was relatively new to the industry, and there were still some customers who were not sold on the idea of using diesel power on a tractor.  Because of this, the Cat 70 was created.  Only 266 of these tractors were constructed, before diesel won over.  Of the 266 original tractors, we believe that this is one of only nine that remain and the only one completely restored.

The giant Cat has been pretty much stripped down.  We ended up having to do an entire valve job, they were in bad shape.  Also, the tracks are pretty bad, and we are going to replace them... a daunting task.  The radiator and heads have been removed.  The entire tractor will be painted, and in these pictures, some of the painting prep has been done.

11/4/99   The Strip Down....

The springs, rocker arms and valves have all been removed.

The cylinder heads are ready for paint.

1/27/2000   Even More....

Here, the tracks have been removed, along with with the the roller frame, rollers,  sprockets, and final drive.  It's looking really stripped now, just a shell of it's mighty former self.

The tracks are waiting quietly to be moved into storage.  We have replacement tracks coming soon.  The roller frame is laying here with the rollers,  just to show how big this baby really is.

The axle shown here is pretty well chewed up.  There was so much heat from the friction of a loose gear, that it has turned the steel blue!  It also must have been operated while the gear was loose, carving the material away.  This axle will have to be replaced, be glad you're not pullin' it!  We also see the removed sprockets in the other picture.

Here, the guys are removing the cover to get to the steering clutches and the bevel gear.  Some of the bearings are shot, and some of the gears are twisted.  The news is just getting better and better!

3/24/2000....The Belly of the Beast

The transmission case has been removed, and has been stripped down in preperation to paint.  The damaged dead axle that is show in an above picture, had to be replaced.  We used a replacement axle from a D8 tractor.

The swapping of the axle was not an easy task. We had to use a massive puller and a lot of heat to get the axle to pop out.  The D8 axle (above) is in obviously better shape.  It is an extremely tight fit; the only way to get the axle in was to cool the axle in dry ice overnight, and then heat up the case with a torch.  With a lot of muscle and a little cussin' it fit like an extremely tight glove.

2/28/02 We started up again!

After nearly a year lay off, we have finally been able to get back to work on the mighty 70.  The transmission has been reassembled, and the transmission case has been closed up. Keep watching our progress, and crossing your fingers wouldn't hurt!

3/19/02 Ham Case and Sprocket

The guys have got the ham cases and the sprockets, along with the draw bar back in place.  Still a long way to go.

spring 1
spring 2

The springs have been put back on.  The going was pretty rough.  The guys had to strap the front down with a forklift as they jacked the springs to compress them enough to be installed.  These are hefty springs, the entire back end of the tractor came off the blocks.

cam shaft

3/25/02 Springs and Final Drive


The cam has been cleaned up, the finals installed, and the tracks are ready.  The block is being cleaned up, the swing frames are just about ready.

swing arm/ yoke

4/23/02 Swing Frames, Rollers, Yokes

The swing frames, rollers, yokes and clutch have been added to the 70.  Keep watching for idlers, tracks, radiator, engine and more!

5/8/02...Tracks are Added!


The tracks have finally been put back on the tractor. 


5/15/02...Radiator and engine

We put the radiatior on to see what she'll look like.  We're finishing up the engine.  Three different combustion chambers were offered; two to increase the compression ratio at higher altitudes.  One for heights to 6,000 feet, one for heights to 12,000 feet.

engine/combustion chamber

5/31/02... Engine

The engine has been put together, and we have hoisted it into position.  We are not too far from turning her over. 

This tractor went to a Mining Contractor in Australia.


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